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Music Lessons

  • We supply bespoke music tuition during the school day, on the school premises.

  • We offer a wide range of instruments including singing which varies from school to school.

  • We welcome students of all abilities and ages, from beginners to very experienced players.

  • Children are required to have their own instrument to take home and practise – we are happy to advise on this.

  • We follow a structured approach to learning whilst tailoring each lesson to the needs of the student.

  • We support any students that wish to study for music examinations, both rock, acoustic and classical grades and tutor them accordingly.

  • We help and support many students gain a place at their chosen secondary school through the music criterion.

  • We encourage all students to perform, holding regular concerts and assemblies throughout the year.

  • We offer a range of lessons to suit budgets and personal needs.  These include individual tuition for 30 minutes or 20 minutes and paired tuition for 30 minutes or 20 minutes depending on suitability and availability.  We also offer larger group lessons for younger children to allow parents and children to get a taste of learning to play and instrument.

  • We provide a total of 33 lessons throughout the year.

  • We provide an annual report of student progress and can be contacted at any time for any queries or updates.

  • Shared lessons are structured appropriately for progress, level and age. This can change as the students progress. Please do contact us if you have any specific queries or requests with regard to groups.

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