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What guitar should I buy and where can I buy one?

We recommend a first guitar should be a nylon strung, classical guitar.  Suggestions include the following:

4/4 Encore ENC440FT

3/4 Encore ENC30OFT

Falcon 3/4 Size

Martin Smith 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar (Argos)

Below is a good online shop but there are others you can find through google.


For sizes please look here


If you prefer to buy directly from a shop there is a list below:

Robertsons - Watford (please check opening times)

The Music Dept., St Albans

Britannia Music Shop, St Albans

Wembley Guitar Centre, Wembley


Term Dates

Exact term dates including inset days and half term will be aligned directly with the term dates for each individual school.  Instrumental lessons take place on the same days each week and are scheduled for every week during the term including the last week.  It is possible that we finish early if we have reached the 33 lessons invoiced for and this will be communicated to the children.  Unless otherwise informed, music and instruments must be taken in to school on this day every week unless informed otherwise. 

The lessons start the first week back at school and finish the last week of term with the exception of the Christmas term where lessons will start back the 2nd week in general to allow children time to get used to the new school routine.

Sometimes it is necessary to change the lesson day to navigate around various school activities such as trips, tests, snow days etc. or teacher absence due to illness or other commitments.  Obviously, not all of these activities are known in advance.  However, any extra days will be communicated in advance via email or text. 

We aim to provide 33 lessons during the school year but the number of lessons per term will vary depending on the number of weeks available.  It is important that children are prepared to have a lesson every week.  We will invoice for 11 lessons per term to total 33 for the year.  We keep strict registers and records for every week and if we do not manage to make the 33 lessons during the year we will credit he following term or issue a refund.  There are a total of 37/38 teaching weeks a year available to us each year so it is possible to miss several weeks during the year without making them up.  For you own reconciliations, please keep a record of the dates your child has a lesson rather than the dates they miss.