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COVID-19 Updates

Due to the ongoing 'lockdown' currently in place, there are no lessons available in school.  However, we hope to resume the lessons as soon as we can after schools return and we will keep you informed of any updates on this.  Our priority will be to make sure that all staff and children are kept safe.

During this time, we have been able to offer lessons via video link and these have proved to be particularly successful.  Most children have made remarkable prgress and it has been a lovely way for teachers to remain in touch with students and for students to continue to learn.

Further information regarding lessons via video link is available here.

Most of the exam boards during this time have introduced alternative assessment methods so that students do not miss out.  I have provided links below to the different exam boards and what they are offering as an interim solution during this pandemic.

LCM have introduced a recorded examination process for both existing and new applicants, see here.

Trinity College have also introduced an online/recorded option for classical and Rock School grades, see here.

ABRSM are still working on an online assessment for music exams and more information is being released regularly, see here.

Please click here our COVID-19 Policy for  face to face lessons in schools.

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